Jual Muffler Furnace 1200-1800C

Jual Muffler Furnace 1200-1800C

Oven dan Tungku Industri

Main Features
1) Beautiful and gentle outlook, Humanization design and easy processing.

2) Double shell with fan cooling design makes sure that out shell temperature approach to nature’s.

3) Provided that 30-50 segments programmable auto PID with wonderful temperature accuracy ±1℃.

4) Integrated circuits,logger control and Double-circuit protection make furnaces work stable and safely.





– High Temperature Up to1750C

– Chamber size ;

– 100X100X100 mm

– 200X150x150mm

– 300X200X200mm

– 400X300x300mm

– Power 1-9KW 1 phase or 3 phase

– mOsi2 Heating Element for 1750C